Verse 1 – Sūrat al-Ṣaff | Grammatical Analysis

Verse 1 – Sūrat al-Ṣaff | Grammatical Analysis


I and a couple of other students, including the author of Iqra Online, have been holding weekly Qurānic grammar discussions and have decided to share our notes from our weekly discussions. The discussions, however, are quite technical, largely because the initial grammatical analysis of the verses is straightforward and we focus on parts of verses where there is room for advanced grammatical discussions.

In order to share these notes, we have decided to start each post off with a basic grammatical analysis taken from the Quranic Arabic Corpus. After that, we have documented our more advanced discussions. As such, these posts may be difficult to read for anyone not familiar with Arabic grammar although we have tried to explain or roughly translate the names of some concepts to help readers.

We started our weekly discussions from the first verse of sūrat al-Ṣaff. These posts will only document verses where we had a significant amount of discussion. Any verse that was grammatically straightforward to understand will not be mentioned. The first part of the first verse of sūrat al-Ṣaff is as follows1.

Verse 1 Part 1

Translation (Qarāī)

Whatever there is in the heavens glorifies Allah and whatever there is in the earth… Continue reading “Verse 1 – Sūrat al-Ṣaff | Grammatical Analysis”

  1. Images have been taken from the QAS’s syntactic treebank,