Tafsīr al-A’immah: A Glance Through al-Dharī’ah

Tafsīr al-A’immah: A Glance Through al-Dharī’ah
Pictured above: ‘Allāmah Buzurg Tehranī

The following is an excerpt from “al-Dharī’ah Ilā Taṣānīf al-Shia” by the famous bibliographer ‘Allāmah Buzurg Tihranī describing an exegesis entitled “Tafsīr al-A’immah lī Hidāyat al-Ummah” by al-Shaykh ‘Abdallah bin Muhammad Riḍa al-Nuṣayrī.


(The exegesis is) By the master, the exegete and scholar of hadith, Muhammad Riḍa bin ‘Abd al-Husain al-Nuṣayrī al-Ṭūsī, who lived in Isfahān and was the writer of “Kashf al-Āyāt (Discovering the Verses)” which he finished writing in the year 1067/1657(A.H./A.D.) as will be mentioned in another volume.

The above mentioned exegesis of his was very large. It is said that it was thirty volumes long, I saw two volumes of it. One of the volumes was the first, it was a large and thick volume in which the author began with an introduction of the exegesis in about 20 chapters related to the Qurān. He then began with the exegesis of sūrah al-Fātiḥah, and then subsequently the exegesis of some verses from sūrah al-Baqarah until the end of the fourth verse.

The first volume started with the following words:

أين رتبة الانسان الذي بدئ خلقه من طين و أعلى مقام محامد رب العالمين و أنّى قدرة المخلوق من سلالة من ماء مهين و العروج على ذروة وصف من هو فوق وصف الواصفين: كيف نحمده و نحن من الجاهلين

On the back of the volume there is an ownership statement, in the handwriting of the son of the writer himself, denoting that the book was owned by him. He has written that that he came to own the book through inheritance, however he has not mentioned the date upon which he inherited the book. The owner’s name in his signature is as such, “ ‘Abdallah bin Muḥammad Riḍa al-Nuṣayrī al-Tūsī”.

This volume was subsequently owned by al-Sayyid Shubbar bin Muḥammad Tanwān al-Ḥawīzī al-Najafī 1 from the year 1160/1747 until 1182/1769 as is evident from some of his writings in the book during the two mentioned dates. It was finally transferred to al-‘Allāmah al-Shaykh Asadallah al-Dizfūlī al-Kāẓimī, the author of, “al-Maqābīs” who endowed the volume and wrote a statement of endowment on the volume in his writing. I saw the volume in Kāẓimīyah in the library of the deceased al-Shaykh Muḥammad Amīn who was from amongst the family of the previously mentioned al-Shaykh Asadallah. Continue reading “Tafsīr al-A’immah: A Glance Through al-Dharī’ah”

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